The SiteTrace Platform

SiteTrace is an end-to-end system to manage your equipment, materials, and tools. Keep your field teams productive, cut back office costs, and more.

SiteTrace Field

Save each foreman up to 6 hours per month

Real Time Access to Item Status

Track what equipment/material is at the shop or is coming directly to site from the vendor and plan labor accordingly.

Stay on top of backorders so you have everything you need to build, before you start building.

Simplify To Site Coordination

Cut out the back and forth emails and phone tag and request items and coordinate deliveries to the site with a click of a button.

Make it easy for your foremen to get items from the shop to the field to cut out unnecessary supply house trips.

Intelligent Tracking for Long Lead Equipment

SiteTrace’s project management web application allows PMs to track their equipment across all of their jobs with a fraction of the time or effort so they can be bidding more work instead.

Automates reminders and follow ups so you can keep your vendors accountable and ensure your long lead items get to site on time.

SiteTrace Shop

Cut costs on reordering lost equipment and material

Streamline Your Shop Operations

Easily verify what you received is what you ordered and instantly notify the field regarding the status of their items via automated emails and text messages on their item status.

Maintain an accurate inventory of job-specific items kept at the shop.

Catch Backorders Before It's a Field Problem

Track backorders, damages, or anything else that can create a problem in the field before the items get sent to site.

Ensure foremen always have what they need when they need it

SiteTrace Tools

Create accountability and stop losing tools

Stay on Top of Tools

Stop reordering lost tools by tracking them on an easy to use mobile app across jobs and at the shop.

Create visibility so the office and field knows who has what tool.

Shift tool responsibility to the field so employees know what tools they are responsible for.

Built for the Mechanical Trade


Improve your bottom line by avoiding costly equipment and tool losses.

Project Managers

Ditch the spreadsheets and let SiteTrace help you stay on top of your equipment.

Shop Personnel

Easily verify deliveries, track/follow up on backorders, and automate status notifications to the field.


Get instant transparency to the status of all your items. Cut out the mid-day supply house trips.

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